Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck is comprised of Welsh accordionist Regroy "Reg" ("Guy") Turgledge, and Venetian violin impresario John L. Cyborg. The band was originally formed in 1978 as a tax shelter when Cyborg incorrectly determined that the tax code allowed for deduction of accordionized interest and thought that someone might be interested in accordionizing with him in exchange for a healthy deduction.

The band cut a demo direct to a two-track machine they picked up for 50 cents at a Unitarian Church rummage sale. Positive response to the demo led to the recording of their first, self-released album. On the strength of that album, and a personal recommendation from Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople, they were signed to a multi-album deal with Warmer Bros. Records.

To this day, the Truck has continued to record and release records every few years. In 1979, after the conclusion of their Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound tour, the band decided to stop touring and instead focus on producing high quality studio albums. When it was pointed out to them in 2007 that they hadn't ever produced a high quality album to date, they decided to give touring one more try and are currently on the road opening for The Ditty Bops. Plans for a winter 2008 tour of Centers for the Deaf are also rumored to be in the works, possibly on a double bill with alt-country group Uncle Turpentine.

As the band's fortunes and story are tied to the releases of specific albums, and to the unique stories of each band member, more detailed information can be found in the discography and the bio page.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Much is known about the band Ice Cream Truck but most of it is completely pointless. It is all included here if for no other reason than to act as a safe, non-addictive sedative for insomnia sufferers with a broadband internet connection.